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This page lists all events that CRA is or has been involved in. 

For upcoming events only, please visit the schedule here.

Listed below are:

- Conferences
- Workshops
- CNSF Exhibits
- Board Meetings
- Computing Leadership Summit
- Links to the events pages of our Affiliated Professional Societies


CRA's biennial Conference at Snowbird, Utah, is our flagship conference that brings together the chairs of Ph.D.-granting departments of computer science and computer engineering, as well as leaders from U.S. industrial and government computing research laboratories. A number of other senior people from research groups, government, academia, and professional societies also attend by invitation. The most recent one was held July 13-15, 2008, in Snowbird, Utah. Previous conferences were held June 25-27, 2006, July 11-13, 2004, July 14-16, 2002, July 9-11, 2000, and July 26-28, 1998. The next CRA Conference at Snowbird is scheduled for July 18-20, 2010.

CRA Conferences on "Grand Research Challenges." CRA sponsors these conferences to ask: What are the "grand research challenges" in computer science and engineering? By articulating them clearly and addressing them in a focused way, the field can continue to make revolutionary progress. The purpose of these conferences is to provoke "out-of-the-box" thinking. Attendance is by invitation only. The most recent, “Revitalizing Computer Architecture Research,” was held December 4-7, 2005. Previous conferences included the CRA Conference on "Grand Research Challenges in Information Security & Assurance," November 16-19, 2003, and one held June 23-26, 2002.

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference highlights achievements of women in computing. CRA, the founding organization, is now a co-sponsor of this event. Previous conferences were held October 1-4, 2008, October 17-20, 2007, October 6-9, 2004October 9-12, 2002, and September 14-16, 2000

The Richard Tapia Celebration of Diversity in Computing Conference: honors the seminal contributions of Dr. Richard A. Tapia, the first recipient of the A. Nico Habermann Award, to the growth of diversity in computing and related disciplines. It aims to provide a supportive networking environment for under-represented groups across the broad range of computing and information technology, from science to business to the arts to infrastructure. The next conference will be held in 2011 (date to be determined). Previous conferences were held April 1-4, 2009, October 14-17, 2007October 19-22, 2005, October 18-20, 2001 and October 15-18, 2003

The Federated Computing Research Conference is a collocation of meetings and conferences of research-oriented organizations. The three most recent conferences were held June 8-16, 2007June 7-14, 2003, and April 30 - May 6, 1999. The next conference is scheduled for June 4-11, 2011 in San Jose, CA. CRA co-founded the event and CRA-W offered a Career Mentoring Workshop at it.

AAAS/CRA NITRD Federal Networking and IT FY 2004: a conference designed to provide a comprehensive briefing on the government's IT research priorities, programs, and funding to representatives of the academic, corporate, and government research community who need to learn how they can help the government achieve its networking and IT goals. It was held October 1-3, 2003, in Washington, DC. Copies of the speakers' slides are also available.


The CRA Career Mentoring Workshop aids graduate students and junior faculty as they choose or begin their careers. The next workshop will be held February 22-23, 2010, in Washington DC. Previous workshops were held, February 25-26, 2008, February 27-28, 2006, February 23-24, 2004, February 10-12, 2002 and February 4-6, 2001

CRA and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) sponsored the CRA-NIH Computing Research Challenges in Biomedicine Workshop in Bethesda, MD on June 15-16, 2006. The objective of the workshop was to develop a list of focused recommendations and action items that would guide the NIH and computing communities in addressing current impediments to fully realizing effective collaborations at the interface between computing and biomedical research. The workshop report: CRA-NIH Computing Research Challenges in Biomedicine Workshop Recommendations (45 KB PDF).

CRA is helping the NSF organize meetings for the FIND (Future Internet Design) initiative of the NSF NeTS research program. FIND invites the research community to consider what the requirements should be for a global network of 15 years from now, and how we could build such a network if we are not constrained by the current Internet—if we could design it from scratch. An information meeting was held November 7, 2006, in Chantilly, VA (outside of Washington, DC). Invitation-only meetings were held November 27-28, 2007, June 27-28, 2007.

CRA organized a session entitled "Computer Science Behind Your Science" for the 2006 Annual Meeting of the AAAS, February 17, 2006.

As part of the NSF CISE initiative, “Global Environment for Networking Investigations” (GENI), CRA organized NSF Town Hall Meetings to gather broad community input in order to help define a broad research agenda in network science and engineering. (See also the NetSE Council. [Note: NeTSE has superseded GENI])

The CRA-Deans Group was established in an effort to provide leadership and community to emerging and established colleges of computing and interdisciplinary "IT" schools. It is organized around schools of computing, schools of information, and/or schools of information technology with heads that report directly to the Provost or Chief Academic Officer at a university.

CRA's Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research (CRA-W) organizes two Career Mentoring Workshops aimed at women involved in computing research:

The CRA-W Grad Cohort for Women Program holds a workshop intended for Computer Science and Engineering students in their first year of grad school. Students meet for two days with 10-15 senior researchers who shared pertinent information on the transition from student to researcher as well as more personal information and insights about their experiences. The rewards of a research career are emphasized. The most recent meeting was held on March 13-14, 2008.

The most recent CRA-W Cohort of Associate Professors Project: Professional Development Seminar was held October 20-21, 2006. Cohort members attended along with CRA-W Distinguished Professors. Critical career information was discussed in a format that emphasized role models, networking, and peer community building. A number of professional development workshops were held to provide help with skills, strategies, career planning and information gathering. The next one will be held in 2009.

Cyberlearning Workshop Series. Five invitation-only workshops on core issues to help identify where their investments in educational technology will be most effective. The outcome of the proposed workshop series will help NSF develop programs for cyberlearning. The workshop report: Cyberinfrastructure for Education and Learning for the Future: a Vision and Research Agenda (170 KB PDF).

CDC Distributed Rap Sessions attempt to build a virtual community of minority undergraduate and graduate students in CS/CE.

The CRA-W Distinguished Lecture Series sends faculty and industry researchers to campuses to encourage women and minorities to attend graduate school. The visits include a technical talk as well as a variety of "recruiting" events.

CRA was asked to organize a workshop, Programmable Wireless Networking: Informational Meeting on NSF NeTS Focus Area, February 5, 2004. The informational meeting offered an overview of the focus area and its context within the NSF networking program, a discussion of research challenges in programmable wireless networking, details and logistics for the focus area, and presentations by industry on programmable wireless system platforms. In addition, researchers had an opportunity to present their work at an open poster session, and participate in a question and answer session with the NSF program officer managing this area.

CRA was asked to organize an invitation-only Workshop on the Road Map for the Revitalization of High End Computing, June 16-18, 2003, in Washington, DC. The Workshop sponsor was the National Coordination Office for Information Technology Research and Development (

The Coalition of Women in Computing is an annual meeting which brings together representatives of professional societies that work to address the underrepresentation of women in CSE. CRA-W usually leads the meeting.

The CRA-W Senior Leadership Development Seminar has senior and junior women from research centers, labs, academic departments, and corporations across North America meet for a two-day workshop to address the inequities in representation of women in senior management positions in science and technology.

The Workshop for New Department Chairs discusses key issues and problems faced by new chairs of computer science departments and considers effective strategies for addressing them. The next workshop will take place at CRA's Conference at Snowbird, Utah, July 18-20, 2010.

CRA's Digital Government Fellows program, supported by the National Science Foundation, intended to build ties between the academic and industrial computing research communities on the one hand and the information technology workers in federal, state, and local governments on the other. Digital Government Fellows were computing researchers - typically early career faculty or industrial researchers who had received the doctorate within the past few years - who showed significant promise in their research. Each CRA Digital Fellow was expected to give a public lecture to an audience that included a significant number of government professionals. 

CRA hosted a workshop in September 2002 to develop recommendations that will strengthen the research infrastructure in areas of critical importance to national security. The workshop was supported by the National Science Foundation. It resulted in a report and recommendations (also available as 110 KB PDF).

CRA handled the arrangements for Infrastructure 2006: NSF CISE CRI-PI's Workshop, June 23-25, 2006, in Snowbird, Utah. Previous workshops included Infrastructure 2004: 2004 NSF CISE/EIA RI and MII PI's Workshop, July 9-11, 2004, Infrastructure 2003: NSF CISE/EIA RI and MII PI's Workshop, August 17-19, 2003, and Infrastructure 2002: NSF CISE/EIA RI and MII PI's Workshop, July 12-14, 2002. These are workshops for the principal investigators of NSF/CISE infrastructure awards.

The Second Workshop on Using History to Improve Undergraduate Computer Science Teaching was held April 26-28, 2002, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The first workshop was held August 6 - 7, 2001, at Amherst College, Massachusetts.

Intellectual Property Workshop organized by Professor Randy H. Katz, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley. Held December 9, 1996, in Washington, DC.

CNSF Exhibits

The Coalition for National Science Funding (CNSF) is an alliance of over 100 organizations united by a concern for the future vitality of the national science, mathematics, and engineering enterprise. CNSF supports the goal of increasing the national investment in the National Science Foundation's research and education programs in response to the unprecedented scientific, technological, and economic opportunities facing the United States.

Board Meetings

February 22-23, 2010 - Washington, DC

July 17-18, 2010 – Snowbird, Utah

For more information on the meetings contact Jean Smith, jean [at], or at 202-234-2111.

Computing Leadership Summit

CRA organizes an annual summit of the presidents, executive directors, and other senior leadership of CRA, its six affiliate societies--AAAI, ACM, CACS/AIC, IEEE-CS, SIAM, and USENIX--and the NRC's Computer Science and Telecommunications Board to discuss issues of common concern. The meetings are held in the Washington, DC, area. Fifteen Summits have been held so far.

Affiliated Professional Societies' Events

We encourage you also to visit the conferences/events pages of CRA's affiliated professional societies:

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

Association for Computing Machinery

IEEE Computer Society

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

USENIX Association


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