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NSF Future Internet Network Design Meeting

Westin Embassy Row Hotel
2100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20008

November 27-28, 2007

The FIND Program

FIND (Future Internet Design) is a major long-term initiative of the NSF NeTS research program. FIND invites the research community to consider what the requirements should be for a global network of 15 years from now, and how we could build such a network if we are not constrained by the current Internet—if we could design it from scratch. FIND solicits research across the broad area of network architecture, principles, and mechanism design, aimed at answering these questions. The philosophy of the program is to help conceive the future by momentarily letting go of the present - freeing our collective minds from the constraints of the current state of networking.

The FIND Meeting

The FIND meeting includes principal investigators from 2006 and PIs who have been notified that they are going to be recommended for funding in 2007. In addition to FIND, there are many programs and projects working toward a Future Internet. This meeting includes invited researchers in such projects who have been selected on the basis of white papers white papers explaining the scope of their research and the potential contributions to designing a Future Internet.

Attendance is by invitation only for principal investigators who have received NeTS-FIND awards.

>> Registration. Registration will be required but free of charge.

>> Agenda

>> Poster Session

>> Breakout Sessions


Travel Information

Please make any necessary travel arrangements now. PIs and participants invited via white papers to participate in FIND will pay for their own travel.
Meeting Location

The FIND Meeting will be held at the Westin Embassy Row Hotel, 2100 Massachusetts Avenue, VA 20008.

CRA has negotiated a room rate of $199 (plus taxes) for a limited number of rooms. The cutoff date for reservations is November 9, 2007 at 5.00pm. You may call 1-800-WESTIN-1 or 1-202-293-2100 and refer to the FIND PI MEETING  to make your room reservation; or you can register online.

Ground Transportation

Travel from Dulles International Airport to the hotel by taxi or airport shuttle is approximately 35 minutes.

Reagan Airport is located approximately 12 minutes from the hotel and is accessible by taxi, airport shuttle and Metrorail.

The closest Amtrak rail station is Union Station located in Washington, DC. Travel from this station is approximately 20 minutes.

Travel Reimbursement

2007 PIs and invited speakers will have their travel reimbursed by CRA.

You are in this category only if NSF explicitly has told you that your travel will be reimbursed. Please note reimbursement information for expense guidelines, limitations, and restrictions. If you miss the cutoff date you will only be reimbursed the negotiated room rate and you will be responsible for any additional amount.

Guidelines for Expense Reimbursements (Invited speakers and guests only)

Up to $1,500 of your travel and hotel stay will be reimbursed. You will be reimbursed for all meals during travel that are not provided during the workshop. When traveling at CRA’s expense, please do so as economically as possible and refer to the following guidelines. Contact CRA’s Meetings Coordinator, Mackenzie Colbert, colbert [at], in advance if you have questions.

Expense reimbursement form (47 KB Excel file)
  1. Fill in your name and provide the address where you want the check to be sent.
  2. Indicate where you traveled and for what purpose.
  3. List all daily expenses in the appropriate column.
  4. Sign the expense form.
  5. Include all original receipts for each expense that you claim. Receipts for meals under $75 are not required. Please tape your receipts onto 8½ x 11 sheets of paper and staple these to your expense reimbursement form.
  6. List all expenses in US dollars. If you incurred expenses in a currency other than US, use the appropriate exchange rate to make the conversion.
  7. CRA can reimburse only necessary and reasonable expenses. These typically include economy airfare, ground transportation, and meals while traveling. This also includes reasonable expense for meals. Use the federal per diem as a guideline to “reasonable.”
  8. Please remember the following restrictions when making your arrangements:
  • If traveling internationally, you generally must use only US flag-flying carriers. If you have a question about this please contact Mackenzie Colbert, colbert [at]
  • Car rentals are disallowed unless pre-approved by the CRA for unique circumstances. If you have approval, please attach this to your expense report.
  • Room charge and taxes will be reimbursed.
  • Meals otherwise provided by the conference/meeting/workshop will not be reimbursed.
  • Personal items will not be reimbursed.
  • Alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed.
  • If you combine CRA travel with other professional or personal activities, only the portion directly related to CRA may be claimed for reimbursement.