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    Computing Research Advocacy Network (CRAN)

    CRA invites the computing research community to join us in a vigorous advocacy campaign on behalf of our field and its contributions to the national interest.

    Computing research is entwined in many policy issues, and CRA has been involved in shaping those issues for more than ten years. We are now enhancing our efforts to help the individuals that make up the computing research community contribute to the public debate effectively and knowledgeably.

    1999 is a particularly good time to embark on new activities to promote computing research: President Clinton has said he would propose "significant increases in computing and communications research" in his FY 2000 budget. And the President's Information Technologies Advisory Committee (PITAC) issued a report concluding that the federal investment in IT R&D is inadequate and too heavily focused on near-term problems. The report called for a funding increase of $1 billion over five years.

    Get Action Alerts delivered right to your e-mail so you don't miss any important opportunities to speak out on behalf of computing research! To further facilitate community action, CRA has established the Computing Research Advocacy Network, a subscriber mailing list for delivering timely information about key advocacy opportunities to computing researchers. Participants can expect to receive about seven to ten e-mail Action Alerts per year. It is not a discussion list — only CRA Government Affairs staff will use the mailing list.

    Join the Computing Research Advocacy Network

    Please feel free to call on CRA for any additional information you might need to become an effective advocate for computing research. Please direct any requests, questions, comments, and ideas to Lisa Thompson.

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