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CRA Conference at Snowbird '98

JULY 26-28, 1998


The flagship conference for academic and research laboratory
administrators interested in computing research issues.


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Workshop Slides

Workshop for New Department Chairs

Workshop I

Best Practices: Recruiting and Retaining Faculty and Students from Underrepresented Groups

Taulbee Survey: What We Know, What We'd Like to Know

Opportunities in Distance and Continuing Education in CSE

Innovative Curricular Developments and Surviving Accrediation

Joint Academic/Industrial Workshop — Spin-offs and Spinouts: Moving Ideas from the Research Lab into the World of Venture Capital

Workshop II

What Everyone Should Know About Information Technology

Department Management: Mentoring Junior Faculty

Software Engineering Programs: Curriculum and Control

What's Happening at the Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB)

Industrial Workshop — Managing Industrial Labs

Workshop III

New Agency Directions

Department Management: Computing Infrastructure — Equipment, Maintenance, Staffing

Issues Faced by Departments with an Undergraduate Focus

Joint Academic/Industrial Workshop — Dealing with Intellectual Property Issues

Workshop IV

Communicating with Congress

Department Management: Budgeting, Buyouts, and the Final Frontier (i.e., Space)

Joint Academic/Industrial Workshop — Technology Transfer and Industrial Relations


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