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CRA Taulbee Survey of Ph.D.-Granting Institutions
A principal source of information on the production and employment of Ph.D.s and faculty in computer science and computer engineering in North America. Includes data on degree production, student enrollment and faculty with gender and ethnic breakdowns and salary information.
1996 CRA Taulbee Survey Results (Acrobat) (or Postscript)
1995 CRA Taulbee Survey Results (Acrobat) (or Postscript)
1994 CRA Taulbee Survey Results (HTML)
1993 CRA Taulbee Survey Results (RTF)

Rankings and Profiles of Ph.D. Programs in Computer Science
Drawn from Research-Doctorate Programs in the United States: Continuity and Change published by National Research Council. From this study, CRA has assembled a database of CS information, allowing users to rank 108 CS Ph.D. programs based on any of 20 characteristics.

Historical Trends in Computer Science: 1975-91
Historical data extracted from Science & Engineering 1993 Indicators, published by the National Science Board. The National Science Foundation has also made parts of this and other statistical documents available on its web server.

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