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Networking and Information Technology
Research and Development Act (HR 2086)

Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-Wisconsin), Chair of the House Science Committee, introduced the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development Act in June, 1999, to respond to the recommendations of the President's Information and Technology Advisory Committee (PITAC). The bill, H.R. 2086, would amend the High Performance Computing and Communications Act to reauthorize HPCC programs at the major research agencies and establish a new NITR&D program for long-term fundamental research and terascale computing facilities. Please see the CRA report on Summary and Analysis of the NITR&D Act for more information on the provisions of this legislation. The House of Representatives passed H.R. 2086 on February 15, 2000. On February 9, 2000, Senator Bill Frist (R-Tennessee), Chair of the Science, Technology, and Space subcommittee, introduced the Next Generation Internet 2000 Act, S. 2046, which like the Sensenbrenner bill would reauthorize HPCC and NGI programs. It does not, however, include provisions for a long-term IT research program along the lines of NITR&D or for terascale computing. Moreover, the bill incorporates the Federal Research Investment Act, S 296, which would double the overall civilian R&D budget over 10 years, a proposal not widely supported among the sponsors of the NITR&D Act.

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