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Information Technology for the
Twenty-First Century (IT2)

In his FY 2000 budget request, President Clinton proposed a new $366 million research initiative, Information Technology for the Twenty-First Century (IT2), to implement the recommendations of the President's Information Technology Advisory Committee. Six federal agencies requested funds to participate in the initiative: the National Science Foundation; the Department of Defense; the Department of Energy; the National Aeronautics and Space Administration; the National Institutes of Health; and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

In its FY 2000 appropriations bills, the Congress approved much though not all of the funding for the IT research initiative. The NSF will receive $90 million for fundamental IT research, $20 million less than its request, and $36 million for development of terascale computing. DARPA will receive $30 million for new IT research, less than half its original request. NASA, NIH, and NOAA will receive general appropriations for research that should allow them to participate in the IT initiative at or close to planned levels. DOE's request to establish a $70 million Scientific Simulation Initiative was denied.

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