Joint Academic/Industrial Workshop--Models for University Venture Capital/Incubation Initiatives

a workshop delivered at CRA's Conference at Snowbird 2000
July 10, 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

The unprecedented role that computer scientists are playing as leaders of the new "e-economy" is posing significant challenges to the traditional separation between "academe" and "industry."  Universities have a vested interest in:  1) promoting (and benefiting from) the intellectual property developed by their faculty and graduate students, and 2) stopping the  constant migration of (talented) faculty and graduate students from  classrooms to boardrooms, while ensuring that a university's primary mission of education and basic research is not compromised. Panelists representing faculty, university administration, and other state and federal organizations will present a number of novel models of university-sanctioned venture capital and incubation initiatives.  An open discussionwill follow.



Azer Bestavros (Boston University)

Don Brown (PartNET)
Mita Desai (National Science Foundation)
James Foley (Yamacraw Mission and Georgia Institute of Technology) [slides]
Alfred C. Weaver (University of Virginia)[slides]

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