Impact of the Economic Development Imperative on Universities

a plenary session delivered at CRA's Conference at Snowbird 2000
July 10, 1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

University research was once seen as the engine for national defense now it is seen as the engine for economic growth--especially in the areas of computing and communications.  This raises a host of issues such as intellectual property ownership, technology transfer, faculty retention, leave policy, conflicts of interest, the professor as entrepreneur, and promotion and tenure criteria.  In this plenary we examine how university administrators, faculty, graduate students,venture capitalists, and industry see these issues.

Chair: James Foley (Yamacraw Mission and Georgia Institute of Technology)
Speakers:Rick Adrion (National Science Foundation)
Randy Katz (University of California, Berkeley) [slides]
Steven Lazarus (ARCH Venture Partners)

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