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Computers Provide Safe Job Outlet
Amber Williams
Oklahoma State Daily Collegian, April 1, 2009

Despite Bleak Economic Times, Outlook For Computer Science Majors Looks Bright
Bowling Green University Views, March 31, 2009

Choicest Subject Once Again
What is the Word? March 27, 2009

Study Shows Increase In Computer Science Students
Processor, March 27, 2009

Computer Science Classes Get Their Groove Back” Now That Finance Is Out, Coding Is Cool Again
Andrea James
Seattle Post Intelligencer, March 27, 2009

Global CIO: Will Your Talent Pool Fix You Or Ruin You When Growth Returns?
Marianne Kolbasuk McGee
Information Week, March 25, 2009

Computer Science Sees Rising Enrollment
John Winebarger
Virginia Tech Collegiate Times, March 24, 2009

Computer Science enrollment statistics: Is the decline slowing?
Jack Ganssle, March 23, 2009

Logging On
Peter Sschworm
Boston Globe, March 21, 2009

Obama on Tonight Show Urges Students to Study Engineering, Not Finance
Patrick Thibodeau
ComputerWorld, March 20, 2009

College Students Gravitating Back To Computer Science
Matthew Keegan
Say Campus Life, March 19, 2009

CNET: Buzz Out loud 933 Podcast
Tom Merritt
Audio Clip, March 18, 2009

Computer Science, Engineering Enrollment up at Universities
Jordan Lite
Scientific American: 60-Second Science, March 18, 2009

Computer Science Rising in Popularity, Again
Alison Go
US News and World Report: The Paper Trail, March 18, 2009

Computer Science Programs Stage Comeback in 2008
Andrew Nusca
ZDNet, March 18, 2009

More Students Pursuing Computer Science
United Press International, March 18, 2009

College Enrollment in Computer Science, Engineering on the Rise
Jon Swartz
USA Today, March 18, 2009

Students Flock to Computers [audio]
KCBS, March 17, 2009

Recession Sees Rise in Computer Science Class Students
Iain Thompson, March 17, 2009

Computer Science Degrees Rebound from Dotcom Bust
John Timmer
ARS Technica, March 17, 2009

Computer Science Sees Surge in Undergrads, Researchers Say
David Nagel
Campus Technology, March 17, 2009

Computer Science Enrollment Rebounds Nationally and at UW
Benjamin Romano
Seattle Times, March 17, 2009

More U.S. Students Majoring In Computer Science
Marianne Kolbasuk McGee
Information Week, March 17, 2009

Report: Computer Science Enrollment Rises for First Time in Six Years
Steve Kolowich
Chronicle of Higher Education, March 17, 2009

Computer Science Major is Cool Again
Carolyn Duffy Marsan
Network World, March 17, 2009

Computer Science Programs Make a Comeback in Enrollment
John Markoff
New York Times, March 16, 2009

What Has Driven Women Out of Computer Science?
Randall Stross
New York Times, November 15, 2008

Wall Street's collapse may be computer science's gain
Patrick Thibodeau and Todd R. Weiss
Computerworld, September 26, 2008

Strengthening the study of computer science
Official Google Blog, August 27, 2008

State short of tech workers
Christina Rogers
The Detroit News, August 18, 2008

The Smaller Business' Edge: Treating IT Right
Naomi Grossman, August 12, 2008

LINKED IN WITH... Richard A. DeMillo
Andrea L. Foster
Chronicle of Higher Education, August 1, 2008

U.S. must commit to workforce training now
George Newstrom
San Antonio Business Journal, July 25, 2008

Do college degrees get you anywhere?
Deb Perelman
ZDNet, July 23, 2008

Why tech jobs are beating the employment odds
Deb Perelman
ZDNet, July 3, 2008

What's a Computer For? Computer science is the new basic skill
Gary Stager
District Administration, July 1, 2008

Technology: It's Where the Jobs Are
Arik Hesseldahl
BusinessWeek, June 24, 2008

Students now avoiding IT degrees, despite good job prospects
Jacqueline Emigh
BetaNews, June 23, 2008

Fewer students pursue computer-related degrees
David Pitt
AP Wire, June 23, 2008

20% drop in Computer Science majors in 2008
Alex Moskalyuk
ZDNet IT Facts, June 23, 2008

Women Continue to Leave CS Degree Programs
Deb Perelman
E-Week, June 19, 2008

FAMU computer-science program awarded $552,000 grant
Angeline Taylor
Tallahassee Democrat, June 5, 2008

IT jobs are forecast to grow by 24 percent through 2016
Reno Gazette-Journal, June 2, 2008

University of Virginia Computer Science Undergrads Nab 28 Research Awards Over 10 Years
Brevy Cannon
UVA Today, May 22, 2008

How to Develop the Next Generation of IT Leaders
Michael Fitzgerald
CIO, May 16, 2008

Bryn Mawr undergrads test robotics approach with a younger crowd of students
Claudia Ginanni
Bryn Mawr Now, May 15, 2008

Socially relevant computing
Ellen Goldbaum
University at Buffalo Reporter, May 8, 2008

What brain drain?
Mary Brandel
Computerworld, April 21, 2008

Congress, Rumors Say, May Give Computer Research More Money
Josh Fischman
Chronicle of Higher Education, The Wired Campus, April 18, 2008

H-1B visa crunch: 'I can't grow my business'
Eilene Zimmerman
Fortune Small Business, April 18, 2008

Dan Reed: On the ManyCore Future and Parallelism in the Sky
Channel 9, April 10, 2008

Researcher: Computer science job market improving
Angelle Barbazon
The Daily Reveille, April 7, 2008

Coming Together to Help Grow the Next Generation of Computing Leaders
NSF Press Release, March 26, 2008

Paying for secrets: national security versus tech innovation
Jon Stokes
Ars Technica, March 25, 2008

Making 'Parallel Programming' Synonymous with 'Programming'
John E. West
HPC Wire, March 21, 2008

Computer science major sees enrollment decline
Elizabeth Murphy
The Daily Collegian, March 21, 2008

The third pillar of science
Vallana Hill
Jamaica Gleaner, March 20, 2008

Compute this: CS majors flatline nationwide
Anne Simons
The Brown Daily Herald, March 13, 2008

Computer Science Course Enrollment Dips in U.S.
Larry Abramson
NPR, March 12, 2008

Study shows low national computer science enrollment
Devin Henry
The Minnesota Daily, March 11, 2008

Where the Next Generation of Techies Won’t Come from
Ben Worthen
Business Technology, Wall Street Journal, March 7, 2008

Frankly Speaking: See the future for new IT talent
Frank Hayes
Computerworld, March 10, 2008

Computer Science Enrollment Down, but Turnaround Expected
Dian Schaffhauser
Redmond Developer News, March 10, 2008

Wisconsin has an IT worker shortage
Alysha Schertz
Small Business Times, March 7, 2008

Layoffs scare students away from IT
Patrick Thibodeau and Rafael Ruffolo
itWorldCanada, March 7, 2008

US computer science drought may be bottoming out
John Timmer
Ars Technica, March 7, 2008

Is Computer Science Making a Comeback?
Ann All
IT Business Edge, March 6, 2008

Computer Science Enrollment Is Down by Half Since 2000
Hurley Goodall
The Wired Campus, The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 6, 2008

IT industry needs more women
Kelly Fiveash
The Register, March 6, 2008

Smallest Number of Students in a Decade Graduate with Computer Science Degrees in 2007
Patrick Thibodeau
CIO, March 8, 2008

‘Chic Geek’: Computer Science Major Rebounds
Scott Jaschik
Inside Higher Ed, March 5, 2008

Computer science graduating class of 2007 smallest this decade
Patrick Thibodeau
Computerworld, March 5, 2008

CS Degrees Low in 2007 But Bouncing Back
Slashdot, March 5, 2008

CS Degree Interest Plummeted Since 2000
Deb Perelman, March 4, 2008

Computer-Science Professor Warns of 'Dot-Bomb' in the Discipline
Hurley Goodall
Chronicle of Higher Education, February 29, 2008

U.S. Science Funding Hits a Political Wall
Michael Feldman
HPC Wire, February 22, 2008

Exclusive: Interview with Claytronics Project Lead
G4 - The FEED, February 2008

Is There an IT Skills Shortage in the US or Not?
Naomi Grossman, January 2008

Jobs for Computer Science Degree Grads Going Up, Up
Al Lee, January 2008

No, The Tech Skills Shortage Doesn't Exist
Ron Hira
InformationWeek, January 2008

The New IT Worker Shortage
Eric Chabrow
CIO Insight, January 2008

Congress Backs Away From Science Education
Josh Fischman
Chronicle of Higher Education, December 2007

Hire Learning
Kathleen Richards
Redomond Developer News, November 2007

Camp to give Richland, Lexington Co. students a chance to learn computer skills
Chantelle Janelle
WISTV, November 16, 2007

Supercomputer researcher joins Microsoft
John McBride
ars technica, November 12, 2007

Microsoft’s Gain Is North Carolina’s Loss – RENCI Director Heads for Redmond
Rick Smith, November 12, 2007

Microsoft hires supercomputing guru
Computerworld, November 12, 2007

Supercomputer vet joins Microsoft Research
Rick Merritt
EE Times, November 9, 2007

Guest Editors' Introduction: Security & Privacy
Jason Hong, Mahadev Satyanarayanan, and George Cybenko
IEEE Pervasive Computing, vol. 6, no. 4, 2007, pp. 15-17.

Tech Campuses Bustle With Recruiters
Patrick Thibodeau
Computerworld, November 12, 2007

Rising from the dot-com ashes
Greg Avery
Denver Business Journal, November 9, 2007

NCWIT Measures Women's Participation in Technology, November 5, 2007

Anita Borg technology award winners honored
Delaware Business Ledger, November 5, 2007

Analysis - IT Studies
Danny Bradbury
Institution of Engineering and Technology, October 2007

Meet Your Future Employee
Beth Stackpole
Computerworld, October 23, 2007

High demand for CS majors
Eric Messinger
The Stanford Daily, October 17, 2007

The future is parallel
Adrienne Raw, October, 2007

Tech grads get higher salary offers, but existing workers may face job perils
Patrick Thibodeau
Computerworld, October, 2007

Where Have All the Techies Gone?
Madhusmita Bora, September, 2007

Cutting Edge Program Entices Young Software Developers
Sharon Keeler
ASU News, September, 2007

Back To School: Funding An Ongoing Education
Daniel Margolis, September, 2007

Hedge Funds Luring Away Prospective Microsoft Talent
Peter Galli, August 2, 2007

Tech Resource: Computing Research Association
Allan Hoffman
Monster Career Advice, July 2007

UMBC sees enrollment boost in computer science
Megan McIlroy
Baltimore Examiner, July 19, 2007

Play to Learn
Michael Desmond
Redmond Developer News, July 2007

Microsoft funds green research
Todd Bishop
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 16, 2007

Wooing interns to Silicon Valley
Stefanie Olsen
ZDNet News, July 3, 2007

Daniel Reed: It’s software at the core
Joab Jackson
Government Computer News, July 2, 2007

Goldman Meets Match in Googleplex When Recruiting Graduates
Lisa Kassenaar, June 27, 2007

Academic Research Group Bolsters Leadership Team
David Nagel
Campus Technology, June 27, 2007

Plugging the Holes in Colleges' Tech Brain Drain
Greg Bluestein
E-Commerce Times, June 3, 2007

The Right Staff
Thomas Caywood
Redmond Developer News, June 2007

Universities respond to decline in computer science students
Ryan Paul
Ars Technica, May 29, 2007

U.S. colleges retool programming classes
Greg Bluestein
Associated Press, May 28, 2007

Programming with Pictures
Elizabeth Redden
Inside Higher Ed, May 22, 2007

Colleges pushing computing profession
James T. Hammond
The State, May 15, 2007

CSE department making strides to attract women
Celia Hunko
The Daily, May 7, 2007

Women enrollment falls behind
Daniel McBride
The Daily Reveille, May 1, 2007

Computer Science Takes Steps to Bring Women to the Fold
Cornelia Dean
New York Times, April 17, 2007

Uncle Sam asks kids to be inventors
Rick Merritt
EE Times, April 10, 2007

H-1Bs and Students
Frank Hayes
Computerworld, April 9, 2007

Not adding up: Schools faced with an enrollment drop in computer-science students
Greg Avery
Daily Camera, April 9, 2007

Congress Finally Getting Its HPC Act Together
Michael Feldman
HPC Wire, March 30, 2007

Where are the programmers? Enrollment wanes just as computer scientists grapple with problem of parallelism
Rick Merritt
EE Times, March 12, 2007

Gates testifies about declining enrollments, research funding
Patrick Thibodeau
Computerworld, March 07, 2007

3D You
Chad Vander Veen
Government Technology, February 2007

The graying of the IT workforce
Linda Musthaler
Computerworld, February 2, 2007

Want to win in Vegas? Bet on an IT job, not the Super Bowl
Patrick Thibodeau
Computerworld, February 2, 2007

Former feds protest agency defunding provision
Wade-Hahn Chan, December 18, 2006

CIOs Uncensored: Help Wanted, But IT Passion And Business Acumen Required
Stephanie Stahl 
InformationWeek, December 11, 2006

CompSci Grads Coveted by All Industries
MV Greene
The Black Collegian, First Semester 2006 Issue

Democratic leaders vow to focus on research
Aliya Sternstein, November 20, 2006

New ‘Threads’ for Computer Science
Scott Jaschik
Inside Higher Ed, September 26, 2006

Shattering stereotypes
Colin Stewart
Orange County Register, September 12, 2006

How to Hook the Talent You Need
Stephanie Overby
CIO, September 1, 2006

Are We Headed for an IT Shortage?
Robert Hertzberg
Network Computing, August 31, 2006

Microsoft camp shows technology is women's work, too
Todd Bishop
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 16, 2006

Microsoft exec points way for youths:Mundie wants computer science to be career choice
Todd Bishop
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, July 18, 2006

New Recruits Still Scarce
Drew Robb
Computerworld, July 17, 2006

In Depth: How Businesses Can Attract The Next-Generation Of IT Workers
Marianne Kolbasuk McGee
InformationWeek, Jul 17, 2006

White House memo on R&D budget priorities stresses competitiveness

Aliya Sternstein

FCW.COM, June 29, 2006

Microsoft study: Canadian IT skills shortage?
Mari-Len De Guzman
PC World Canada, June 23, 2006

Computer Science: Class enrollment down
K.C. Howard
Las Vegas Review-Journal, May 23, 2006

Female persuasion: Solutions sought to guide more girls toward technology careers
Karen Wiens
Worcester Telegram & Gazette, May 21, 2006

As outsourcing gathers steam, computer science interest wanes: computer science degree enrollments are trending down and down
Patrick Thibodeau
Computerworld, May 5, 2006

Parallel Processor: how one engineer contributes to her field, her business, and the community
Lauren Aaronson
IEEE Spectrum, May 2006

Talking tough on tech: President in Silicon Valley today to tout competitiveness
Tom Abate
San Francisco Chronicle, April 21, 2006

Bush names 14 new PCAST members
Aliya Sternstein, February 28, 2006

Tech jobs still plentiful in U.S.: Optimistic report calls offshoring's effects overstated
Carrie Kirby
San Francisco Chronicle, February 24, 2006

I.T. Hiring Heats Up
Katherine Spencer Lee
InformationWeek, February 1, 2006

Schools work to woo female science students
Mike Lafferty
Columbus Dispatch, January 16, 2006

Wanted: Female Computer-Science Students
Scott Carlson
Chronicle of Higher Education, January 13, 2006

PCAST meets without new members
Aliya Sternstein, January 10, 2006

In computer science, a growing gender gap
Marcella Bombardieri
Boston Globe, December 18, 2005
(Free registration required)

Hispanic IT Students Get Boost from Latin American Grid, IBM Awards
K.C. Jones
InformationWeek, December 16, 2005

Helping new ideas hit the street
Michael Bazeley
Mercury News, December 15, 2005

Filling the Tech-Talent Pipeline
Chris Murphy
Wall Street & Technology, November 18, 2005

Behind 'Shortage' of Engineers: Employers Grow More Choosy
Sharon Begley
Wall Street Journal, November 16, 2005

Female presence rising in universities, falling in technology field
Danielle Dyer
Daily Vidette, November 16, 2005

Women in I.T. Could End Shortage
CIO Today, November 8, 2005

You've come a long way, baby, but today ... I.T. is it
Andrew Kantor
Roanoke Times, November 6, 2005

Microsoft Founder Calls On More Minority Students to Consider Computer Science
Cassie Chew
Diverse: Issues In Higher Education, November 3, 2005

Employers Take Stock of I.T. Applicants
Top Tech News, November 1, 2005

Creativity is key to recruitment
John Fontana
Network World, October 17, 2005

PITAC gets new life as part of PCAST
Aliya Sternstein
FCW.COM, October 10, 2005

Speak Up For The IT Career
Chris Murphy
InformationWeek, October 3, 2005

Where jobs are and students aren't
Omar El Akkad
The Globe and Mail, September 21, 2005

More than Fun and Games
CCNews, September 13, 2005

USA enrollment drops by 1.6%
Jeff Amy
Mobile Register, August 27, 2006

NSF announces program to create a new Internet
Aliya Sternstein, Aug. 26, 2005

Why computer students must also be renaissance geeks
Steve Lohr
New York Times, August 23, 2005

I.T. Staff Shortage Looming
CIO Today, August 15, 2005

Staring Down a Revolution: Questions for Sid Karin
Ian Port
Voice of San Diego, Aug. 8, 2005

IT jobs call stateside, but who's answering?
Jerry Large
Seattle Times, August 4, 2005

UMBC computer students find degree of success
Kyle Taylor
Catonsville Times, August 4, 2005

European Brain Drain Looms, July 20, 2005

Gates laments decreasing interest in computer science
Todd Bishop
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Reporter, July 19, 2005

Brain Drain in The Tech World?
Tim Gray, July 15, 2005

Another warning on U.S. tech leadership
Ed Frauenheim
CNET Workplace Blog, July 11, 2005

Computer science majors fall at UM
Robert J. Terry
Baltimore Business Journal, July 8, 2005

NSF seeks broad Internet research agenda
Aliya Sternstein
FCW.COM, June 27, 2005

Bush dissolves IT advisory group
Aliya Sternstein
FCW.COM, June 23, 2005

Computer science still beckons
Marketplace (radio show), June 17, 2005

College students continue to shun computer science
Linda Tucci, June 8, 2005

Survey: Computer Science Interest at 30-Year Low
University Business, June 2005

VU losing computer science enrollees
John Rodgers
Nashville City Paper, May 27, 2005

Computer Science as a Major
The Kojo Nnamdi Show
WAMU, May 24, 2005
(link to Real Audio file)

Student Interest in Computer Science Plummets
Andrea L. Foster
The Chronicle of Higher Education, May 23, 2005

Fewer students major in computer
Michelle Kessler
USA Today, May 23, 2005

The R&D Funding Conundrum
Rick Whiting
InformationWeek, May 16, 2005

Counting by Gates
Science, May 13, 2005
(Paid subscription required)

An Endless Frontier Postponed
Edward D. Lazowska and David A. Patterson
Science, May 6, 2005
(Paid subscription required)
Dr. Lazowska has posted a PDF on his website (70 KB)

House signs off on supercomputing
Aliya Sternstein, April 27, 2005

College freshmen less interested in tech
Ed Frauenheim
CNET, April 22, 2005

US universities slipping in programming contest
Thomas Blythe, April 11, 2005

American universities fall way behind in programming
Birgitta Forsberg
San Francisco Chronicle, April 9, 2005

U.S. slips lower in coding contest
Ed Frauenheim
CNET, April 7, 2005

Computer science draws few women
Jane S. Hill
The Dallas Morning News, April 6, 2005

Computer study powers down
Sarah Toland
The Daily Camera, March 17, 2005

Innovation: The next big thing
Danny Bradbury, March 15, 2005

Will Fewer Computer Students Hurt U.S. IT Market?
Drew Robb
IT Management, March 9, 2005

Legislation Alone Is not Sufficient to Ban Spam
SAP INFO, February 28, 2005

Computer Majors Shortage a Warning
RedNova News, February 21, 2005

Valley's global rivals gaining, U.S. tech prowess threatened, AEA says
Karl Schoenberger
Mercury News, February 15, 2005

Universities are reaching a new generation with innovative programs that marry IT and other disciplines, including art, business, and biology
Elena Malykhina
InformationWeek, February 14, 2005

Computer scientists identify future IT challenges
Peter Sayer
InfoWorld, January 25, 2005

Panel of Researchers Urges Government to Step Up Spending on Study of Cybersecurity
Andrea L. Foster
The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 18, 2005
(paid subscription required)

Tech major loses its luster
Jonathan Cox
The (Raleigh) News & Observer, October 28, 2004

Degrees of Change
Todd Datz
CIO Magazine, October 15, 2004

Transforming Computer Science
Todd Datz
CIO Magazine, October 15, 2004

Shortage of Computer Science Grads May Force Offshoring
Jonathan Cox
ECT News Network, October 9, 2004

Fixing a busted IT research system
Ed Frauenheim
CNET, September 21, 2004

Declining computer-science enrollments should worry anyone interested in the future of the U.S. IT industry
Eric Chabrow
InformationWeek, August 16, 2004

Students saying no to computer science
Ed Frauenheim
CNET, August 11, 2004

Fewer college students choose computer majors
Michelle Kessler
USA Today, August 8, 2004

A few good women: Tech firms want more female computer whizzes
Marci Mcdonald
U.S. News & World Report, August 16, 2004

Brain drain in tech's future?
Ed Frauenheim
CNET, August 6, 2004

Gates: Computer science education may need its own 'Sputnik moment'
Todd Bishop
Seattle Post-Intelligencer, August 3, 2004

Feds up the ante on supercomputing
Sarita Chourey
FCW.COM, August 2, 2004

U.S. Plays Supercomputer Catch-up
Matthew Swibel
Forbes, July 28, 2004

Tech Bust Zaps Interest in Computer Careers
Alex Pham
Los Angeles Times, July 20, 2004
(free registration required)

Some Say U.S. Supercomputing Needs a Jump-start
Patrick Thibodeau
Computerworld, July 19, 2004

U.S. House Passes Bills to Overhaul Government's Efforts in Supercomputing
Andrea L. Foster
Chronicle of Higher Education, July 8, 2004
(paid subscription required)

High-tech equity: Rice aims to draw more teen girls to computer science
La Monica Everett-Haynes
Houston Chronicle, June 30, 2004

A report 39 seconds into the
Marketplace Morning Report radio segment
Minnesota Public Radio, May 18, 2004
(RealOne Player required)

Princeton's Image-Smashing Math Whiz
Catherine Holahan
BusinessWeek, May 12, 2004

Outsourcing: The next technology battlefields
Mike Ricciuti , Ed Frauenheim and Mike Yamamoto
CNET, May 7, 2004,

Faces of Globalization: Jobs for tech grads
Phil Magers
UPI, May 6, 2004

Reforms, not rhetoric, needed to keep jobs on U.S. soil
Ed Frauenheim and Mike Yamamoto
CNET, May 4, 2004

Fewer students enroll in computer science programs
National Public Radio segment
Morning Edition, April 19, 2004
(media player required)

Computer science degree still leads to employment
Zach Doppelt
South End, April 12, 2004

CS enrollment plunges in bad economy
David Herbert
Stanford Daily, April 7, 2004

Job drain sends students elsewhere
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, April 5, 2004
(free registration required)

Heading offshore: shipping out business services and technology work is a fast-growing and controversial economic trend
Michael Wentzel
Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, April 4, 2004

The other side of the outsourcing debate
Washington Post, April 2, 2004

U.S. firms to save from 'outsourcing', study says
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, March 30, 2004

Long-term solutions for technology outsourcing
Terry Corbell
King5, March 30, 2004

US students say no to IT courses
Times of India, March 27, 2004

U.S. students shun computer sciences: offshoring makes tech career look risky
Karl Schoenberger
San Jose Mercury News, March 24, 2004
(free registration required)

Microsoft, amid dwindling interest, talks up computing as a career
Steve Lohr
New York Times, March 1, 2004
(payment required)

Computer-security experts urge researchers to restructure networks
Dan Carnevale
Chronicle of Higher Education, December 5, 2003
(paid subscription required)

Computing's lost allure
Katie Hafner
New York Times, May 22, 2003
(payment required)

On the technology job market: slight decline in new computer science majors, prompts researchers to ponder current, future state of technology employment
Phaedra Brotherton
Black Issues in Higher Education, March 13, 2003

Interview Season in Computer Science
Joseph Livingston
Chronicle of Higher Education, February 27, 2003

The making of a policy gadfly: seeing crucial computer-science work threatened, a Princeton professor takes on Congress
Andrea Foster
Chronicle of Higher Education, November 29, 2002
(paid subscription required)

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