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July 22, 2008

We Want Your Research Highlights!

A couple of small announcements:

First, those of you who attended CRA's biennial conference at Snowbird last week already heard this call, but for those who didn't (or who need to be reminded), we want your research highlights! CRA and the Computing Community Consortium are in the process of gathering recent computing research highlights to feature prominently in CRA and CCC publications -- on the web, in our advocacy efforts, and in our print publications -- and we'd like yours.

What we're asking is that you add this e-mail address -- -- to any press release distribution list your department or institution may have to publicize your exciting research results. We're gathering those interesting stories, putting them into a searchable database, and then highlighting selected ones on the CRA and CCC websites. The model here is something like the very popular Astronomy Photo of the Day, where each day a new photo or graphic (or video) having something to do with astronomy is featured along with a nice succinct description. While we don't anticipate being able to feature new computing research daily, we hope to refresh it frequently enough (weekly?) to make it worth checking back often. But, to do that, we need your highlights.

To fill the pot, we're accepting any release your department or institution may have sent in the last 24 months or so. Obviously, we'd like to feature the most timely ones, but we don't mind pushing the clock back a bit for anything truly exciting. So, please submit yours today, and make sure your press offices have on their distribution lists.

In other news, we've created some new CRA-related "groups" on two popular social networking sites: LinkedIn and Facebook. Both are for those involved in, or just fans of, CRA. To join the LinkedIn one, go here and we'll approve you. On Facebook, you can find us here. We hope you'll take a look!

Posted by PeterHarsha at July 22, 2008 02:58 PM
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