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May 24, 2005

Appropriations Update: FY 2006 Science, Commerce, Justice, State

The House Appropriations Subcommittee on Science, Commerce, Justice, State marked-up it's FY 2006 appropriations bill earlier today and included increases for NSF and NASA. Details are a little sparse until we see the full committee print next week, but here are the early figures:

NSF would increase 3.1% -- $171 million over FY 2005, $38 million more than the President's request -- to $5.64 billion. NSF's research accounts would grow $157 million over FY 05 to $4.38 billion, and education and human resources would fall to $807 million, from $841 million in FY 05 -- but $70 million over the President's request.

NASA would receive $15 million more than the President's request, and $40 million that had been cut from the angecy's aeronautics program in the budget request will be restored.

NIST reportedly would receive $549 million, including $106 million for the controversial Manufacturers Extension Partnership program. (No word on ATP).

We'll have more details after the bill moves to the full Appropriations committee next week and the committee report accompanying the bill (and explaining the cuts and increases) is published.

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