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[Published originally in the May 2002 edition of Computing Research News, p. 4.]

CRA Board Elections and Appointments


Lori A. Clarke, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Massachusetts, is beginning her second term on the board. She has served on the Outstanding Undergraduate Awards Committee, chaired the CRA Academic Careers Workshop, and served as a mentor for the Distributed Mentor Project. She will continue to work on ways to increase participation in computer science graduate education.

Clarke's research has focused on finite-state verification techniques for high assurance software. On the IEEE PUBS board, she worked to develop by-laws that guarantee input by the research community in the selection of EICs for the Transactions. As a SIGSOFT executive committee member, she worked to strengthen the SIGSOFT conference program and guidelines. She has been instrumental in building the computer science program at UMASS and in their mentoring program for women.

Professor Clarke, appointed an ACM Fellow in 1998, received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado.

James D. Foley, Associate Dean, Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing, has been a board member since 1996, and currently chairs the CRA board. He previously served as CRA's treasurer, and as a member of the Elections, Industry, and Government Affairs committees. He also co-chaired Snowbird in 1998.

Foley's research interests include computer graphics; information visualization; human-computer interaction; and management of R&D. He previously was director of the Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratory, and then chairman and CEO of the Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology Center America. He also was the director and then CEO of the Yamacraw Economic Development Initiative for the State of Georgia. Foley is a Fellow of both the IEEE and ACM, and was elected to the SIGCHI Academy in 2001. He received a Ph.D. in Computer, Information and Control Engineering from the University of Michigan.

Kathleen R. McKeown is Professor and Chair of the Computer Science Department at Columbia University. She joined the board in 1999 and currently serves as its secretary and a member of the Executive Committee. She is a member of the External Awards Committee, and for the second time she will co-chair the New Chairs' Workshop at Snowbird 2002. Her interests in CRA include improving the status of computer science nationwide and special programs.

McKeown heads Columbia's Natural Language Group that has recently developed a suite of summarization systems for tracking and summarizing news, and she leads Columbia's digital library project, PERSIVAL. In 2000, she was named Outstanding Woman Scientist by the New York Association of Women in Science. She has been active in the Association for Computational Linguistics and the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, and is an AAAI Fellow. McKeown was awarded a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pennsylvania.

Daniel A. Reed is Gutgsell Professor, Department of Computer Science, and Director, National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. A board member since 1998 and currently a member of the Executive Committee, he has also chaired both the Awards and the Government Affairs Committees. Reed recognizes a need for the community to act in unison and with vision to shape national policy for computing, and will continue to work to further this goal as a board member.

Reed's research interests include high-performance computing; experimental performance analysis; parallel I/O; resource management; virtual environments; and mobile computing. He currently serves on the State of Illinois VentureTECH Advisory Committee and is a member of the AAAS Section on Information, Computing, and Communication. Previously he was a member of NSF's CISE Advisory Committee. Reed received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Purdue University.

Lawrence Snyder is Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. A board member since 1996, he has chaired the Elections Committee and has served on the Membership and the Undergraduate Awards Committees. He has co-authored two of CRA's best practices memos--"Evaluating Computer Scientists and Engineers for Promotion and Tenure" and "Commercialization Oversight for Computer Research Departments."

Snyder's research interests include parallel algorithms and models of parallel computation; parallel architectures and interconnection networks; and parallel programming languages and environments. He is currently a member of NRC Army Research Laboratory Technical Assessment Board, and has chaired two NRC advisory committees (on Academic Careers for Experimental Computer Scientists and Engineers, and on Information Technology Literacy). Snyder, a Fellow of both the IEEE and the ACM, earned a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

Mary Lou Soffa, Professor of Computer Science at the University of Pittsburgh, is beginning her third term as a board member. She has served as vice chair and as a member of the Executive Committee, and she currently co-chairs the CRA women's committee (CRA-W). She organized workshops on mentoring at Snowbird '98 and on recruitment and retention of women and minorities at Snowbird 2000. Soffa believes that CRA's committees and programs provide the mechanisms for tackling important problems, such as promoting computing research to government agencies and organizations and in addressing the critical issue of recruiting and retaining young research talent.

Soffa's research interests focus on the development of code improving transformations and the design of program analyses for compilers and software engineering tools. In 1999 she was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics and Engineering Mentoring, and was also elected an ACM Fellow. She has been active in ACM, and currently serves as associate editor for several professional journals. Professor Soffa was awarded a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Pittsburgh.

John A. Stankovic is BP America Professor and Chair of the Department of Computer Science at the University of Virginia. He is currently CRA's treasurer and a member of the Executive Committee. He also chairs the Faculty Recruitment and Retention Study Group. Past CRA activities include chairing the Electronic Services and Communications Committees and the Distinguished Service and Habermann Awards Committees. He co-chaired Snowbird 2000 and chaired the New Chairs' Workshop at Snowbird '98.

Stankovic's research interests include large-scale embedded systems for pervasive computing; real-time computing; operating systems; distributed computing; and real-time databases. In 2000 he was awarded the IEEE Award for Outstanding Technical Contributions and Leadership in Real-Time Systems--TC on Real-Time Systems. He is a Distinguished Member of the Scientific Advisory Board, Swedish National Strategic Real-Time Initiative; Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems, and Co-Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder, International Journal on Real-Time Systems. Stankovic is an ACM Fellow and an IEEE Fellow, and received the IEEE Computer Society's Meritorious Service Award. He received his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Brown University.

Newly Elected

Richard C. Waters is President and CEO of Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs in Cambridge, Mass. Before being elected to the board, he organized the Boston area Lab Directors group for CRA, and has been active in Snowbird conferences as a session chair and program committee member. He hopes to foster supportive discussion between the university and corporate wings of CRA on how to foster significant research in these organizations, in the face of the many competing demands currently placed upon them.

Waters' research interests include artificial intelligence, computer vision applications, speech interfaces, and human computer interaction. Before joining MERL in 1991, he was a Research Scientist and Principal Investigator at the MIT AI Laboratory. He currently serves as President of the John L. and Geraldine R. Weil Memorial Charitable Foundation. Dr. Waters, who is a Senior Member of IEEE, received a Ph.D. in EE&CS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Bryant York is Professor and Research Director in the Computer Science Department at Portland State University. He has been appointed to the board to complete the term of Peter Freeman, which will expire in 2002.

Among his many awards, York recently received the first Richard A. Tapia Achievement Award for Scientific Scholarship, Civic Science and Diversifying Science. In 1998, he received the CRA A. Nico Habermann Award for outstanding contributions to aiding members of underrepresented groups within the computing research community. York has served on a number of committees at NSF and ACM, and currently serves on the steering committee of the Coalition to Diversify Computing. He received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

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