1998 Undergraduate Award Nomination Information

The Computing Research Association is pleased to announce the fourth annual CRA Undergraduate Award program, recognizing undergraduate students who show exceptional promise in an area of computing research. The 1997-98 award is made possible by the generous support of Microsoft.

A cash prize of $1,000 will be awarded to each of two undergraduate students, one female and one male, who are majoring in computer science, computer engineering or an equivalent program. Other outstanding candidates will be recognized with Honorable Mention. The awards will be presented at one of the major computing research conferences sponsored by CRA, ACM, the IEEE Computer Society, SIAM or AAAI. The two first-prize winners will receive financial assistance toward their travel to the conference. CRA encourages home departments to provide similar assistance to other students who are recognized.

Because this is a relatively new award, many faculty and students have not yet heard about it. We encourage you to make it widely known in your department. The award is a terrific way to recognize your best students and your department.

Nomination procedure

A nomination package consists of the following items:
  1. Nomination form
  2. Nominee's resume (two-page maximum)
  3. Nominee's transcript of academic record
  4. Nomination letter by department chair (two-page maximum)
  5. Letter of support from one other supporting nominator (two-page maximum)
  6. One-page description of student's research or other achievements

The complete nominations must be submitted by the candidate's department chair by January 15, 1998. A department may nominate more than one candidate. Nominees must attend a university or college located in the United States or Canada.

Four copies of the nomination package should be sent to:

CRA Undergraduate Award Competition
Computing Research Association
1100 Seventeenth Street NW, Suite 507
Washington, DC 20036-4632
Fax: 202-667-1066
email: info@cra.org
Tel: 202-234-2111

Criteria for selection of winners

  1. Evidence of unusual talent in some area of computing research as demonstrated by one or more of the following:
    1. Significant research contributions, individual or as a member of a team.
    2. Creation of highly innovative software or hardware design.
    3. Demonstration of exceptional leadership or vision in a field of computing research.
    4. Other evidence of extraordinary interest, excellence or commitment to computer science and engineering, including industrial experience, participation in special programs and mentoring or tutoring of other students.
  2. Outstanding academic record.


Please send all nomination packages to the postal address listed above unless you are submitting the nomination form only (which can be faxed or sent by e-mail.

Each copy of the nomination package should include a copy of following form:

Name of nominee:
Program of study:
Year in program:
Academic year address:
Academic year telephone:
Permanent home address:
Permanent telephone:
E-mail address:

Name of department chair:
Signature: date:
Name of supporting nominator:
Signature: date: